What is ESD super clear PVC Sheet?

Product Description

Item Super Clear Anti-static PVC Sheet
Color Transparent
Thickness 0.07~8.0mm
Max Width 1600mm
Surface Resistance 106 ~108Ω
Anti-static Surface Single or double sided
Standard Specification 700×1000mm ;  915×1220mm ;  915×1830mm;  1220×2440mm ;


Performance parameters:

Project Test Methods Result
Transmission rate Above 90% 91.5
Haze Below1% 0.2
Surface resistance Surface Resistors 106~8 Ω/cm²
Adhesion Cross Cut Test 100/100
Pencil hardness test Pencil Hardener Over 5H
Thermal shock test -40℃/45min  85℃/45min27times PASS
Heat / Humidity test 85℃,85%RH,72h PASS
Salt water resistance test 35℃, 5% Sodium ammoniated water,48h PASS
Chemical resistance test Alcohol 500g,250times PASS

Product Features:

Good weather resistance Hard coating is firm and reliable, not easy to fall off, can be used outdoors for a long time.
Good impact resistance It is resistant to falling, sturdy, hard to break, 200 times more resistant than ordinary glass.
Slow Rate of Yellow aging After 5 years, the light transmittance of the pvc sheet keeps the gloss bright, Visual haze does not change significantly.




Post time: Jun-23-2018
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