The company organized a series of lectures on safety production and trauma first aid.

In view of a series of impacts brought about by the accident in the New District 6.16, in order to enable employees to further enhance awareness of safe production and enhance self-help knowledge, on the morning of the 21st, the company invited Dr. Lu from Suzhou Ruixing Hospital to do a series of safety issues for Employees. 


Before the start of the training seminar, General Manager Zhu made a corresponding summary of the company’s series of remediation work on fire protection in the last few days. He emphasized that the city’s leadership attached great importance to 6.16, and our company must strictly follow the rules and regulations stipulated by the higher authorities to eliminate all violations of the rules and regulations. Under the premise of following the rules and regulations, it is necessary to firmly grasp the details of safety production, and every step of the operation method must be given due attention.

 After Mr Zhu summed it up and shared, Dr. Lu brought us knowledge on the safety precautions and the first-aid measures that were common to trauma. She combined us with actual cases to do some of the things we might have involved in work and life. 


Content  sharing. Specifically to the actual operation of the first aid, in order to facilitate everyone’s understanding, Dr. Lu personally demonstrated for us on the scene, the content of the church is very practical, people present can seriously learn to teach.


This event shows that the company gives high priority to safety production, and specifically arranges for the study of related knowledge. It is believed that all people will have a certain amount of harvest after attending and keep these harvests in mind, and they can take care of themselves when necessary. For the company to reduce some of the losses that can be avoided.

Post time: Jun-25-2018
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