Suzhou OCAN 5 mm Clear hard anti-static rigid PVC Sheet

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  • FOB Price: US 1.45-2.5/kg
  • Supply Ability: 3000 Ton/Tons per Month
  • Port: shanghai
  • Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
  • Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
  • Min. Order: 500 Kilogram/Kilograms
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    It is also called antistatic PVC sheet, the base material is polyvinyl chloride, abbreviated PVC. It has resistance to chemical solvents and shock resistance, surface resistance value is 106~108Ω, excellent anti-static function, high surface hardness, scratch resistance, excellent appearance, light transmission rate of over 80%, fire retardant rating of UL-94:V-0, and fireproof is excellent.

    PVC  physical and mechnical properties
    item ocan-015
    COLOR Various
    standard size 700x1000mm 1000x1400mm 915x1220mm 915x1830mm 1220x2440mm or customized
    max width 1550mm
    max thickness 10mm
    density 1.3-1.4g/cm3
    luminousness T≤ 3mm,luminousness above88%3mm <T≤ 6mm,luminousness above 75%
    Surface glossy/glossy
    Industrial plate ≥80.0
    Tensile-strength(lengthwise,crosswise) Mpa  ≥52
    Impact strength(cut four-way) ≥5.0 KJ/m2
    Drop impact strength No fracture
    Vicat softening point  
    Decoration plate ≥75 °C
    Crosswise ≥80 °C


    The features of Esd pvc sheet for Ecu assembly line :

    1. Excellent quality of processing production: optical base material, thousand class dust free workshop processing,OCAN innovative coating ability, make material quality excellent.

    2. Good weather resistance: hard coating solid and solid, not easy to fall off, can long-term effective protection of PVC sheet in the outdoor use effect.

    3. Good impact resistance: wrestling, smashing, hard to break, impact resistance is 200 times as high as ordinary glass.

    4. Yellow degeneration is slow: after 5 years of PVC, the light transmittance and gloss remain high and bright, and the change of visual fog is not obvious.

    1.Excellent Chemical Resitance (Acid,Alkali,Fat,Salt)
    2.Excellent Mechanical Properties
    3.Easy to Use(Cutting,Drilling,Bending,Welding)
    4.Good Electric Resistance
    5.Excellent Fire Retardation(V-0)

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