Technical Parameters

Physical and Mechanical Properties of PVC Hard Panel

Name of Index Indexes
Density,g/cm³ 1.30~1.50
Tensile Strength (longitudinal and horizontal),Mpa ≥52.0
Impact Strength (notch) (longitudinal and horizontal),Kj/m² ≥5.0
Impact Strength of Drop Hammer No Cracking
Vicat Softening Point,℃Decorative PanelIndustrial Panel ≥75.0≥80.0
Dimensional Stability after Heating,%LongitudinalHorizontal -3.5~+2.6-2.7~+2.2
Hardness ≥75.0
Light Transmittanced≤3mm3mm<d≤6mm ≥88.0≥75.0
WidthLengthDiagonal Line Deviation of 0~2mmDeviation of 0~8mmDeviation of ±5mm


1. The impact strength of drop hammer is just for reference, panel of 2mm or below;
2. The light transmittance is just for reference, colorless transparent panel of 6mm or below;
3. The parameters are just for reference.

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